With the right dental care and a consistently good hygiene routine, it’s more than possible to preserve all of your healthy, natural teeth for life. Yet, sometimes, a tooth can become so damaged or infected that it cannot be saved, or one or more teeth may threaten the rest due to improper alignment or other issues. Since tooth preservation is usually the goal of dental treatment, tooth extraction is a last-resort option that Dr. Noble will only recommend when absolutely necessary.

Your Consultation

Before recommending tooth extraction, Dr. Noble will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if your tooth can be saved with an appropriate restorative treatment. Conditions that often require tooth extraction include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth (wisdom teeth that cannot erupt fully from the gum line)
  • Teeth that are too severely damaged to save
  • A tooth with a cracked or broken root
  • Severely crooked teeth that interfere with orthodontic correction
  • A primary tooth that has refused to fall out on its own

Treatment Planning

Tooth extraction is often simple, involving little more than anesthetizing the tooth and then carefully removing it from its socket. However, some cases, such as impacted wisdom teeth, may be more complex. Before beginning your procedure, Dr. Noble will discuss your options for sedation, if you prefer, as well as your options for replacing the tooth afterwards with a dental bridge or dental implant and crown.

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