Some patients hesitate when they hear that they need root canal therapy, mainly due to misinformed worries about what the procedure entails. The truth, though, is that root canal therapy is a simple restorative treatment, and once completed, it will alleviate the pain associated with your infected tooth. Unlike a tooth filling, root canal therapy focuses on the interior chamber of your tooth, called the pulp, that houses the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. When the pulp is infected, root canal therapy is the only way to remove the infection before it spreads through the root canal.

Your Consultation

Because root canal therapy is more complex than a filling procedure, Dr. Noble will make certain that there is no alternative before recommending it. Advanced imaging equipment, including digital X-rays, will help her determine how far a tooth’s infection has spread, and whether or not a filling will suffice.

If the pulp is infected, or if a crack or fracture has left the tooth’s tissues exposed, then Dr. Noble will explain the need for root canal therapy, how the procedure will restore your tooth, and what you can expect before, during, and after treatment.

Treatment Planning

If you feel anxious or apprehensive about undergoing root canal therapy, then Dr. Noble can recommend dental sedation to help you relax before and during your treatment. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral conscious sedation can help you remain calm and comfortable while Dr. Noble restores your tooth.

To conduct root canal therapy, Dr. Noble will carefully access the tooth’s pulp to remove the bacteria and infected nerves and tissues. Any infected tooth structure will also be removed to preserve the healthy structure that remains.

To prevent oral bacteria from reentering the tooth and its root canal, Dr. Noble will seal the pulp and root canal with a biocompatible, rubber-like material called gutta percha. To complete the restoration, she may also place a durable, lifelike dental crown over the tooth to protect it from damage and restore its healthy appearance.

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