Tooth loss places more than just your ego at risk. When there’s a gap in your smile, your teeth can begin to shift towards it, trying to take up the slack in your bite’s pressure. Even a single tooth can lead to compounding dental health problems in the future, which can be avoided by replacing it with an appropriate dental prosthesis. Bridges and dentures are designed to rebuild smiles that have suffered tooth loss, not just to restore your confidence, but also to reestablish your bite’s full and proper function.

Your Consultation

Choosing the right tooth replacement option depends on several factors – most importantly, how many teeth you’ve lost. For a single lost tooth, or up to three teeth in a row, a dental bridge is often the most appropriate solution. For teeth that are not next to each other, Dr. Noble will likely recommend a partial denture, which spans the curve of your dental ridge and only contains replacement teeth where necessary. Complete tooth loss, or edentulism, must be addressed with a complete denture, consisting of a gum-colored base that sits on a complete row of lifelike replacement teeth or implants.

Treatment Planning

To create your dental bridge, partial, or complete denture, Dr. Noble will create an impression of your teeth and dental ridges. This will serve as a guide to craft your prosthesis according to your mouth’s specific dimensions, and the ideal size, shape, and appearance of your teeth.

Once your dental prosthesis is crafted and placed, caring for it properly is vital to keeping up with good dental health. Dr. Noble will provide specific instructions on how to keep your bridge or denture clean and safe, as well as an appropriate schedule of exams and cleanings to keep a close eye on your natural and replacement teeth.

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