Your children’s baby teeth – or primary teeth – are like training wheels for their adult smiles. How well they (and you) take care of them will help determine how healthy their permanent teeth will be later in life. To prepare them for a lifetime of beautiful smiles, Dr. Noble and our staff will make their dental health education fun while making them feel comfortable and relaxed at our office. Besides regular exams and cleanings, we offer a choice of children’s dental treatments designed to keep their teeth and gums on a path of proper growth and development.

Treatments Designed for Children

Happy Visits!

Preparing kids for good hygiene and dental care should begin before all of their teeth erupt, and is a large focus of children’s dentistry. A Happy Visit is your infant’s first visit to the dentist, and you should schedule one by or shortly after their first birthday. During the appointment, we’ll help you and your child become familiar with good hygiene practices, and discuss what to expect as your child’s teeth and jawbone grow and develop.

Dental Sealants

Children may not always be as effective at brushing and flossing as adults, and since plaque leads to cavities, they may sometimes be more prone to cavity development. Dental sealants are thin layers of resin that cover the chewing surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent plaque and food debris from becoming lodged between the teeth’s crevices.

Fluoride Treatments

The mineral, fluoride, has a special relationship with the enamel (outer layer) of teeth. When enamel becomes weak, which is a precursor to cavity development, fluoride can bond with the minerals in the enamel’s structure. The process makes enamel stronger and more effective at protecting teeth from bacteria, thereby increasing your child’s chances of successful cavity prevention.

Specialist Recommendations

When children exhibit discrepancies in their teeth and/or jaw alignment, corrective treatment is often necessary to prevent the issue from becoming worse as the teeth and jaw grow. If your child needs orthodontic braces or other complex corrective treatment, then Dr. Noble will recommend a trusted pediatric dental specialist within the community.

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