The majority of adults in the US (over 90 percent) have been affected by at least one cavity in their permanent teeth. Among children, cavities are the most wide-spread chronic condition, as well, making tooth decay the most common dental health issue. For many patients, a filling is the most effective cavity treatment, and at Noble Dentistry, we prefer to utilize tooth-colored resin and ceramic, which complement your smile’s appearance while effectively treating your cavity. With a tooth-colored filling, you can save your tooth from a spreading cavity without worrying about how the restoration will affect your tooth’s appearance.

Your Consultation

Cavities, which are holes in teeth that develop from tooth decay, are progressive, and treating them depends on their size and location within your tooth. For a filling to be effective, the cavity must be confined to the tooth’s main structure, called dentin. If Dr. Noble finds that decay has reached the tooth’s inner chamber (pulp) and infected its nerves and tissues, then you may require root canal therapy and a dental crown to address it.

Treatment Planning

Placing a tooth-colored filling is a simple and direct procedure. After anesthetizing your tooth and the surrounding area, Dr. Noble will remove the bacteria and infection from the cavity to stop it from growing. Then, she will replace the removed material by filling the cavity with tooth-colored composite resin or dental ceramic, strengthening the tooth while sealing and protecting its structure from infectious oral bacteria.

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