Dental Emergencies

Emergencies can happen, even if you consistently do your best to take care of your teeth. When they do, we can help you lessen the risks of extensive dental damage with a few expert tips, and by scheduling an emergency visit if you call us immediately.

Usually, a dental emergency can mean any case of sudden, severe dental pain, damage to one or more teeth, or bleeding around your teeth or any of your oral tissues. When an emergency occurs, seek treatment by calling us and scheduling a visit as soon as possible.

In Case of Emergency…

Even if no bleeding occurs (but especially if it does), rinse your mouth carefully with warm water. Add a pinch of salt to help fight infection and inflammation.

If you develop a sudden toothache and aren’t sure why, inspect it carefully in the mirror. A tooth may have been damaged, or something may be lodged between two teeth, in which case carefully try to remove it with dental floss.

If you cracked, fractured, or broke a tooth, then take care not to place any pressure on it. An ice pack can help reduce swelling and minimize the pain.

If you bite your tongue, lip, or cheek hard enough to cause bleeding, then rinse your mouth thoroughly and apply an ice pack or cold compress to reduce swelling. Also, try to avoid eating or drinking anything until your emergency appointment.

If your tooth is knocked out (avulsed), then there may be a chance of replanting it if you seek treatment immediately. Collect the tooth if possible, rinse it carefully, and store it in a small container of milk that you can bring with you to our office.

If the tooth is only partially-avulsed, try to avoid placing pressure on it so as not to jar it out of its socket completely. While the tooth may need to be extracted, there may be a chance of preserving it if the dentist can see you soon enough.

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