There are a lot of things that can compromise your teeth. However, you might not consider that sometimes they can harm each other. Bruxism is the frequent, unconscious tendency to grind one’s teeth, and can eventually wear down and damage your healthy tooth structure. The causes differ from patient to patient; if you are experiencing unusual stress at work or in general, or if your teeth or jaw aren’t aligned correctly, then Dr. Noble will consider all possible contributing factors during your consultation and examination.


Bruxism often affects patients in their sleep, and may be identified by the noise you make at night. You might also notice yourself grinding your teeth frequently throughout the day, or feel unusual sensitivity in several or all of your teeth. To diagnose the condition, Dr. Noble will inspect your teeth for damage consistent with grinding, and discuss habits and conditions that might underlie the problem.

Treatment Planning

If you grind your teeth at night, then Dr. Noble can custom-design a nightguard that you can wear while you sleep. The appliance will fit like a sports mouthguard, but is thinner and more comfortable, and will protect your teeth from damage due to friction and pressure.

If your teeth are already damaged, or if your bruxism is a symptom of a more serious dental issue, then your treatment plan might include other procedures. For instance, dental crowns and porcelain veneers can rebuild damaged tooth structure and restore proper symmetry to your bite.

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